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VR Jam: Grav Wing

Erlandr > 2013-08-27

It was a grueling 3 weeks of work, but Dusty and I have completed our entry for the VR Jam! We decided to finally make a game we've both been dreaming about for many years.

Grav Wing is a multiplayer racing game set in twisting underground tunnels. Players take control of advanced race craft that can hover and fly, granting the freedom to use all three dimensions of the track. Racing is no longer done on a flat plane, tracks can spiral up and down, left and right.

The game makes heavy use of physics. Aerodynamic lift and drag are calculated based on flight surfaces, wind speed, and air density. Movement and turning is not faked, a combination of maneuvering thrusters and wings/flaps apply forces on the ship's body to turn it. A large main thruster applies the forward momentum, while reverse thrusters and flaps help slow you down.

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Attack of the Space Boulders

Erlandr > 2013-07-16

The boulders are coming! The boulders are coming!

Dusty and I have been spending some of our time in the last couple of weeks creating a game for the Oculus Rift. The game is heavily influenced by Asteroids, but with a virtual reality twist. We are at a point now where we feel comfortable releasing the beta. Check out the AOTSB page for downloads and more details!