What is a Cribzero Anyway?

About Us

Cribzero is an independent game development company located in Des Moines, IA. Originally founded as a community of like minded geeks, Cribzero has evolved into a platform for our one true purpose, to make video games!

Ryan Hoffman - Programmer, Game Design

Ryan has been playing around with game development since 2006, where he discovered that programming can actually be quite fun. In addition to Cribzero he also works as a freelance software engineer.

Check out Ryan's website at

Dusty Peterson - Programmer, Artist

Dusty enjoys almost every hobby there is. He is a clever programmer and a talented artist.

Drew Walker - Music, Business

Drew was raised in business and currently makes his living as a pianist. He tackles the dry, non-technical side of the company and likes to think he'll be able to put his musical background to use as well.