Adventures of Cribzero

VR Jam: Grav Wing

Erlandr > 2013-08-27

It was a grueling 3 weeks of work, but Dusty and I have completed our entry for the VR Jam! We decided to finally make a game we've both been dreaming about for many years.

Grav Wing is a multiplayer racing game set in twisting underground tunnels. Players take control of advanced race craft that can hover and fly, granting the freedom to use all three dimensions of the track. Racing is no longer done on a flat plane, tracks can spiral up and down, left and right.

The game makes heavy use of physics. Aerodynamic lift and drag are calculated based on flight surfaces, wind speed, and air density. Movement and turning is not faked, a combination of maneuvering thrusters and wings/flaps apply forces on the ship's body to turn it. A large main thruster applies the forward momentum, while reverse thrusters and flaps help slow you down.

Attack of the Space Boulders

Erlandr > 2013-07-16

The boulders are coming! The boulders are coming!

Dusty and I have been spending some of our time in the last couple of weeks creating a game for the Oculus Rift. The game is heavily influenced by Asteroids, but with a virtual reality twist. We are at a point now where we feel comfortable releasing the beta. Check out the AOTSB page for downloads and more details!

EchoSpace Released on Xbox 360!

Erlandr > 2011-12-23

I am proud to announce that Cribzero has launched it's first game! EchoSpace is now available on Xbox 360, located in the indie games section of the games marketplace. You can download the trial for free, or purchase the game for the tiny sum of $1 (80 points). Check out the video posted below.

We will also be releasing a Windows version of the game, stay tuned!

Hunger: the Videogame?

Erlandr > 2011-08-30

Recently Dusty and myself participated in the Meaningful Gameplay Game Jam! The jam turned out really well, and we ended up making a small game prototype based on the idea of hunger. Feel free to download the game here (Windows only), and then read our analysis of how it went if you are interested.

Echo Space Progress

Erlandr > 2011-04-25

I am pleased to say that after a (much) longer than expected development cycle, Echo Space is finally nearing completion! I can't commit to any dates for release yet, but the wait won't be for much longer. We will be doing a short beta test of the Windows version before launch, so if you are interested in helping us test the game give us a shout!

Cribzero now on YouTube

AmericanPianist > 2010-06-19

Cribzero now has a YouTube account! We've uploaded some footage of both Echo Space and Robot Toast: Prototype. More will follow as we continue to be awesome. Come check us out!

Echo Space

AmericanPianist > 2010-06-18

A few posts back we mentioned a 48-hour game called Super Symmetry. We decided to treat that as a prototype for a retail release, and have been hard at work sculpting the essence of awesome that will soon be known as Echo Space.

Echo Space, like Super Symmetry, is a top-down space shooter that involves strategic use of a deployable drone. Also, you shoot stuff! That's rougly where the similarities end. Click below to see a video!

All assets are considered Works in Progress and not necessarily representative of the final game.

TIGJam Midwest 2010

Erlandr > 2010-06-13

Dusty, Drew and I recently participated in another 48 hour game jam! TIGJam Midwest was held at Foundry Coworking in Des Moines, IA where around 40 programmers, musicians and artists gathered to create games. The theme for this event was “proverbs”, teams were able to choose a proverb from any culture that could inspire or be used literally in their game.

One of my goals for this event was to work with some new people. I eventually teamed up with Zach Ellsbury (programmer), Robert Cook (3d artist), Drew Walker (musician) and Ed Meacham (sound effects). We chose the proverb "the early bird gets the worm" and immediately set to work on a multiplayer racing / worm collection game.

Neither Zach or I had ever worked with 3d before, but thanks to XNA and decent documentation it didn't turn out to be a problem. Zach was great to work with and quickly got the game up and running with its core features. I took it upon myself to implement a fairly complicated collision system which turned out to be way harder than I thought for such a short time line. Rob made some great models for us to use, and Drew created some brilliant music. Even though Ed wasn't a full member of the team (he was actually helping several teams out), he provided some solid sound effects for us to use.

In the end I think the whole team did really well and I am quite happy with what we created. Download Birds in Space: The Early Bird Gets the Worm and enjoy! A Windows computer with XNA installed is required.

A game in 48 hours!

Tresch > 2010-02-03

Holy crap! This weekend was intense!

We participated in the Global Game Jam; a single weekend-frenzy of game making creativity organized to get the juices flowing of game teams around the globe. To make things more interesting, people host Jam Sites where a bunch of people get together to work on their own projects or form teams on the stop and collaborate with new people. It's like a LAN party, but instead of playing games, you make them!

8 Monkey Labs was generous enough to host us and about 15 other fellows at their awesome office in Cedar Falls, IA. Paul and Ryan arrived early in the evening, and I got there later after delivering some pizzas. It was intense! From Friday morning to Sunday night, I only got about 4 hours of sleep, on couches and floors there at the office.

We had two themes to match to. The primary theme for the jam was "Deception," and then each time-zone got a secondary theme, ours being "A man, a plan, a canal, panama." We went with a top down shooter where you have a decoy that draws enemy fire (deception), and the decoy is a mirror image of your ship (symmetry, inspired by the palindrome). The result is SUPER SYMMETRY!

Download our game and give it a shot! Feel free to rate it at the GGJ site

Post MAGFest Euphoria

AmericanPianist > 2010-01-07

MAGFest, the Music and Gaming Festival that brought Cribzero into the new year, is over. Some of us are involved in running departments at the convention and others just wanted to bask in the nostalgic gaming goodness, but we all ended up in Alexandria VA for four days. Four days of games, music about games, panels about games - you get the picture. Oh yeah, it's 24/7 as well. We're exhausted, in the best way possible.

A 60% increase in attendance was good news as Cribzero had the opportunity to show off Robot Toast at an Indie Games Panel. In addition to an official public launch of this website we kicked off our time in front of the crowd with a play-through of the original PyWeek Prototype that Paul had obviously not played in some time. Afterward we gave a sneak peak at the new game editor we're developing.

The attendees really seemed to enjoy hearing about the game and it's progress, and asked a slew of interesting questions - most of which required Erlandr to answer; I know not your coding ways.

The Panel served as an excellent opportunity for us reflect on our past 8 months of work on Robot Toast and make note of things we want to alter and improve this year.

All in all the event was a fantastic way for Cribzero to start 2010. We'll be utilizing all the energy we siphoned from the convention to push us through the rest of the winter. That's right, we stole energy. It involves lots of jars, 7 tubes, 14 straws, and a hammer. It's all very scientific.

Happy New Year, gaming world!

Musical Ruminations

AmericanPianist > 2009-12-03

How does one musically define robots, toast, and the implications of each on our personal lives - all at once?

We've been swapping ideas back and forth about just how we should score Robot Toast. Jazz was a favorite, but Jazz alone just didn't have enough of that magical Audio Sauce to see the game through from beginning to end. Classical was suggested and acknowledged, but it would only work if it was completely over the top, on an epic scale the likes of which gamers worldwide have yet to experience.

Quite a few popular Indie games have gone with soothing piano soundtracks. While that is certainly enjoyable, it's a wagon; the kind of wagon one must decide whether or not to jump on. We don't jump very much here at Cribzero. We're more into skipping and hopping - old school, I know.

Three genres down and set aside for contemplation; where does that leave us? Thank you for asking, I'm happy to answer! Punk; Rock; Folk; Death-metal; Heart wrenching duets between a melancholy didgeridoo and a haunting shamisen. The choices are endless.

In the end, I believe a fusion is in order. But you know what? I'm not going to tell you what we're fusing. It's going to be a surprise. You like surprises, and I am aware of this. You're welcome.

Website is live!

Erlandr > 2009-12-03

After a little bit of programming and a lot of writers block, Cribzero's new home on the web is finally live!