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Attack of the Space Boulders


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Attack of the Space Boulders is a game that is heavily inspired by the Atari classic Asteroids. The twist, and what brings AOTSB into its own, is the fully 3d gameplay designed with the Oculus Rift in mind. We really wanted to transport the player into the cockpit of a virtual space vessel. The feeling of space flight and navigation being of the utmost importance.

AOTSB screen shot

Space flight is tricky, your ship can be pointed in one direction as it moves in another. There is no air resistance to slow you down, you keep moving until you hit something or fire your thrusters. To help figure out where you are going we have created an elegant heads up display. You can quickly find the direction of your movement, gauge your speed, and adjust your tragectory using the HUD. When you target an asteroid or UFO your HUD changes to show your speed relative to that object. Targeting also displays a lead target reticle which tells you where to aim your shots.

AOTSB screen shot

The visual style is nice a throwback to the vector graphics of the old arcade games. Vector screens are BRIGHT. The bullet in Asteroids is so bright it blooms out naturally both in your vision and on the phosphors of the display. Modern screens don't get that bright, but thankfully we have the bloom filter.

AOTSB screen shot

Attack of the Space Boulders is available free for Windows and OSX. We hope you enjoy the game as much as we have!